The elegance of mathematics solving your problems.

Euler ( /oy·lər/ ) is a constellation of expert engineers dedicated to bringing the beauty and elegance of Leonhard Euler to your code.

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Euler provides contracting and consulting services for the development of scientific software. Our expertise includes the following:

Modeling and Simulation

  • Physics-based modeling
  • Machine/Deep Learning
  • Quantum Simulation

High Performance Computing

  • Speed Optimization
  • Parallel Processing
  • Supercomputing

Signal Processing

  • Image Processing
  • Radar & Optical Processing
  • Speech & Acoustic Processing

Software Development

  • Desktop Applications
  • Web Applications
  • Instrument Control

Data Science

  • Statistical Analysis
  • Data Visualization
  • Data Gathering/Web Scraping

We have significant experience in the following tools and platforms:

  • C/C++
  • Python
  • C#
  • AVX
  • TensorFlow
  • ROOT
  • LarCV
  • CUDA
  • OpenCL
  • Windows
  • Linux

Euler is a partnership of software, electrical, optics, and mechanical engineers, and numerous other senior engineering professionals. We possess expertise in a number of disciplines, including mechanical and electrical design, high performance computing, power electronics, statistics, and both firmware and software. We aim to offer the highest possible quality of engineering services, characterized by innovation, practicality, open and clear communication, and integrity.

Our namesake, Leonhard Euler, whose picture graces our landing page, was one of the most prolific mathematicians of all time. His insight and creativity inspires us daily.

This equation, Euler's identity, exhibits the elegance and simplicity of the technical solutions that we strive for.

Of course, real systems with practicality are always products of trade-offs, but balance, maintainability, robustness, and cost are our lodestars.